My Syndim

We manage a large number of buildings in Brussels. The size of the buildings we manage varies between 10 and 1000 lots. Many buildings have been managed by REGIMO for more than 10 years, the oldest being a building of nearly 200 lots, which we have managed for almost 45 years. The loyalty of our customers remains for us the best publicity.

Our computer system :
We have implemented a fully integrated management and accounting system. The accounting system is perfectly transparent and accessible to all co-owners via personal web access. Our platform integrates several automation software as well as a CRM. The latter assigns a badge number to each request. All requests are centralized, which allows us to integrate all our procedures both horizontally and vertically. Thanks to CRM, we can guarantee that any request will be dealt with quickly and in accordance with our quality charter.

Our network of suppliers :
Our portfolio allows us to call on and count on loyal and first-rate suppliers, contractors and trades at all times. We are not part of any group and have no partnership which leaves us free to choose the best offer for your building.

Our availability :
We are accessible 24h/24h and 7d/7d for emergencies.

The use of languages :
We have Dutch speakers and French speakers in our team. We communicate in French, Dutch and English.

Our collaborators :
The manager works in close collaboration with the co-ownership council in order to establish a relationship of trust essential to the exercise of our mission.